Thank you for taking the time to complete our Design Questionnaire! We understand that it may take you a few minutes to complete, but we promise it will be worth the effort. It's a helpful tool for us to get to know you more, so that we can create a customized design centered around you.

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Current Address
Current Address
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What do you feel comfortable spending on the following, to help me get a sense of where you are coming from: *
Rugs: If you were buying an 8x10 rug for your room you would probably spend:
Sofas: If you were buying a sofa for your room, you think it would cost:
Art - It is time to decorate your walls, the art we will be hanging would, in your mind, cost:
Any other thoughts you would like to share on cost of specific items or overall budget? Are there specific amounts you would not spend above on various items, or are there areas you think are important to splurge on?
What colors are you most comfortable living with? (Choose as many as you like.) *
Please select your top 5 colors: *
e.g Leather, Velvet, Linen, Cotton, etc.
Please be specific, for example, stripes, plaids, chevrons, florals tweeds, chinoiserie (Chinese motifs), ikat, southwestern, animal, etc.
Please let us know how you feel about different imagery such as: Abstract, Animals (birds, deer, horses), Landscapes, Figures, Floral, etc.
For example, does your room have any floor plugs, do you need window coverings or a ceiling fan, do you have media or computer components which need to remain exposed?